Profiles of Directors

Angie Murphy T.Dip.W.P.C.

Angie is the Administrative Director of the School. Angie’s background is in business and education. She first started in the VEC working in administration and then as lecturer in D.I.T and the VEC before becoming the administrator with the School. The administration office is operated from Dublin where she manages both Dublin and Cork Schools. There is also an office in Milltown Park, Ranelagh, where interviews are held.

Angie is also a stained glass artist. She combines her knowledge of astrology and philosophy to produce unique works which reflect the deeper connections of life and human experience.

Declan Hammond L.C.H., I.S.Hom

Born in Dublin in 1955, Declan grew up with a fascination for alternative lifestyles and consciousness exploration. These interests led to studies in Western and Eastern psychologies and the practice of Tantra Yoga. Extensive travel in Europe and India in the mid 1970’s brought homeopathy into his life and it quickly became an all-consuming passion. His early studies and apprenticeship to homeopaths in India led to formal study at The College of Homeopathy in London in the 1980′s.

In the 1990’s his journey led him to the exploration of Shamanic healing practices. Inspired by these ancient traditions, Declan has developed a synthesis of ancient and modern healing techniques, which have empowered him greatly in his practice. He has introduced a number of new remedies to the homeopathic materia medica and is responsible for a number of provings of shamanic medicines, including Tabernanthe iboga, a powerful healing shrub from West Africa.   Homeopathy for Declan has always been an evolutionary tool, a tool for personal growth and spiritual development. His work is a constant search for the most effective ways of supporting himself, his patients and students, as they travel together on their healing journeys.

Declan has also a huge passion for teaching, sharing his experiences and skills. He began teaching homeopathy shortly after he started practicing, first in Denmark, then in India and the Far East. He has since taught in Iceland, England, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Israel, New Zealand and Wales and is a regular speaker at homeopathic conferences both at home and abroad.   He is co-founder and a director of The Irish School of Homeopathy, with responsibility for curriculum development and the third year clinic, where our students are introduced to clinical practice; has worked closely with the European homeopathic representative body the ECCH and also runs a successful practice in Sandycove, Co Dublin.

Anne Walker Lic. I.S.H., I.S.Hom, P.C.Hom.

Anne lives and runs a homeopathic practice in Co. Roscommon. She was among the first graduates of homeopathy in Ireland. Her postgraduate training was with Jeremy Sherr at the Dynamis school and also with Alize Timmerman in France. She is continually updating her knowledge of homeopathic theory and practise working with the most eminent Homeopaths including Dr. Ramakrishnan, with whom she spent some time in a homeopathic clinic and hospital in Chenna, India. She has also been lecturing in the UK for a number of years. As Director of the school she is actively involved in clinical training and lecturing in homeopathic philosophy and materia medica, with her particular strengths lying in clinical practise and mentoring of graduates. Anne set up our first postgraduate training programme several years ago within the school. She has conducted a proving of Apis Regina and she is currently writing a book on the use of tissue salts and tinctures in homeopathic practice.

Gerry Murphy Lic I.S.H.

Gerry was among the first graduates of homeopathy in Ireland. Prior to his training in homeopathy he trained as a relationship counsellor. As Director of the School he is responsible for the facilitation and development of the counselling and personal development module programme and he is also involved in the School administration. He has also designed courses for supervisors and teacher training. He is currently involved in the accreditation and regulation process for homeopathy both in Ireland and Europe. He is a member of the ECCH education forum.

He has a deep interest in human relationships and the unique personal process of each individual’s life journey. If we embrace our own process no matter how difficult or painful it might be at times we will become the person that only we can be with our own unique contribution to make to the world. Gerry believes that the work of the School must reflect this reality and by doing so will assist students in their personal journey.

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