Accreditation & Master’s Programme

The Irish School of Homoeopathy is the first school in Ireland to have successfully completed the rigorous accreditation process of the Irish Society of Homeopaths . When you join our School you can be sure that you are working toward a fully recognised professional qualification. You will then become a fully registered member of this truly rewarding and dynamic profession. In the future you will be part of a truly integrated healthcare system which will see both conventional and complimentary medicine work hand in hand for the benefit of the patient.

Graduates from our School wishing to persue their academic career further can apply to join the Master’s programme at the University of Central Lancashire. Based on learning outcomes our professional training course is already taught at degree level and successful graduates who wish to gain a MSc in addition to their professional qualification may embark on this programme. It is research based and validated by the University of Central Lancashire. You will find more information on their website

Homeopathy is a comprehensive system of medicine in its own right. It offers a complete philosophical foundation and also defined methodologies for the treatment of all illness. This obviously demands intensive practical and clinical training under professional supervision. It is for this reason and in accordance with European guidelines that all recognised training courses are four years long.

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